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As all of Shane's projects in production and/or pre-publication become available, we will immediately link to them for purchase.


For now, enjoy some of Shane's older Star Trek work:


Shane Zeranski actor

"A Q To Swear By  by Shane Zeranski - I look very much forward to any future stories written by this author as he has with his story written some exceptional Star Trek, tying in events from TNG and a certain, troubled character we saw in Star Trek Voyager."
      - K. Wyatt "ssintrepid"


"The most brilliant Star Trek short story I ever read was 'The Promise' . . ."
      - Ken Gagne


"Zeranski's story is atmospheric, in places disturbing and quite exciting, and well-written to boot."
      - Egghead and IvoryTower


"Intense and well-done . . ."

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