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Shane Zeranski was born on a large ranch in a small town in Idaho. His first published work was for Star Trek in his first year of high school and his first job in Hollywood was photo-doubling for Leonardo DiCaprio under the direction of Steven Spielberg.  He studied at Azusa Pacific University and Oxford University, earning his MA and BA.

In recent years, Shane has overcome great personal odds, the subject of which is found in his upcoming novel, scheduled for 2018. He has also ghost-written several projects, including a massive upcoming book-to-television franchise and memoir of a major Hollywood star.


Shane is the founder of Zeranski Entertainment. He considers himself a 'survivor,' through which he has been given a unique voice, and seeks to contribute to his generation of entertainers.


Shane lives in Beverly Hills, CA.

Shane Zeranski actor


"People have forgotten how to tell a story."

                  STEVEN SPIELBERG

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